Monday, July 18, 2016

Ten tips to build English vocabulary

Vocabulary means knowing all the words and using them in a particular sentence.
You're feeling overwhelmed trying to memorize so many words? This do 
not need be a daunting task! Check out these great tips and strategies that can help you build a vocabulary!

Connect: It's easier to memorize words based on a common theme. Make your own connections between words and if you want, arrange them in a diagram.

Write: Using the vocabulary in a practical way, can help you mark the words in your mind. Make sentences with new vocabulary or write a story using a group of words or expressions.

Draw: Release the artist in you by drawing pictures related to the words you studied. Your drawings can help trigger your memory in the future.

Act: Move around acting the words and phrases you learn. Or, imagine and represent a situation where you need to use them.

Create: Create flashcards in English and study them in your spare time. Make new every week, but continue to review them all.

Associate: Assign different colors to different words. This will help you recall vocabulary later.

Listen: Think of other words that sound similar to what you're learning, especially complex words. Associate the other words with the new to help you remember the pronunciation.

Choose: Remember that topics that interest you will be easier to learn. Therefore, carefully select the words that you find useful or interesting. Even the process of choosing already help in time to remember!

Limit: Do not memorize the dictionary in one day! Limit yourself to 15 words a day, and you'll gain confidence instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Observe: Look for the words you're studying when reading or listening to English.

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